Emma Coopman and Debbie Lambrechts perform as duo Mirit early and medieval music that takes the spectator to a long gone past. The combination between bagpipe, harp and voice makes their repertoire into a variation one can keep listening to. Their music is especially suited for events, parties, parades and gatherings, whether or not they are of historic nature.

Duo Mirit brings the soul of the middle ages back to life. With bagpipe, celtic harp, voice and flute they take the spector back to long gone times and transform your events to be swirling in beautiful sounds.

What you can expect :

  • A mix of music from medieval times and from the renaissance, supported by a mix of joyfull folk tunes.
  • Early instruments like the celtic harp, bagpipe and flutes, here and there supported by singing.
  • 2 musicians in medieval clothing
  • If asked for a short dancing workshop, theme game, …

Medieval music with harp and bagpipe

Here you can find a teaser of what kind of music we bring :

Book a performance of Duo Mirit

If you want to book Duo Mirit, you can contact us via my contact form or by sending an email on this adress : mirit@emmacoopman.be