Mezzo soprano freelance

Solo with an accompanying instrument, in small groups, in vocal groups or as a choir singer I am freelance active. I enjoy the new scenes, new music and people I get to know this way. The learning process thrives me, making new connections and coming together by making an excellent performance.

LUCA School of Arts

During my formal music education for classical singing at the LUCA School of Arts in Leuven I’ve had the pleasure to get to know a broad spectrum of music. From medieval music to the rennaissance and baroc compositions. Through the classisim, romantisism impressionism music to the modern classical music. I’ve experianced and performed polyfony, aria’s from several opera’s, the romantical song and choir literature. On top of this I come from a household bathed into folk music, I am thruly a musician of all schools.

Book me as a freelance artist

So if you’re interested in working together with me or to book me for solo activities you can contact me through my contact form or by sending an email to :